Can I contribute all the rewards I earn from to the My Family Account?
Yes, you can contribute up to 100% of the rewards you earn .
Can anyone create a My Family Account?
Any family member aged 18 years or above can become a Family Head and create a My Family account.
When I join My Family, what happens to the rewards I earned as an individual ?
Your current rewards balance and Tier Miles balance will remain as before. For any future rewards you earn , you can choose to contribute some or all of your rewards to your My Family account. The contribution percentage can be changed at any time.
Who can I invite to join My Family?
You can invite any members of your immediate family to join. If they’re not already members, they’ll just need to register first before you can add them. Immediate family members include the following: Husband, Wife, Partner, Son, Step‑Son, Daughter, Step‑Daughter, Mother, Mother‑in‑Law, Step‑Mother, Father, Father‑in‑Law, Step‑Father, Brother, Sister, Granddaughter, Grandson .
Can you Earn award miles and redeem them for add ons and other vendors ?
Not only with elebus, as soon as you have enrolled with GOLD CLASS, you will also earn valuable award miles for everyday purchases, for bus bookings and on numerous other add ons.
Where can i use my points other than tickets ?
You can also use your miles for purchases in ele shopee and ele bites: for Meals , luggage, fashion, cosmetics and more.
How is a Referral considered complete ?
Your friend can install and register using your referral code and complete his first journey.
What is a limit to the no of friends that can be invited ?
You can invite as many friends ,the more you invite - the more you can earn.
Does my Referral code remain the same ?
When will I get a discount coupon code to use on the first journey?
After registering with us on the tool using a referral code, you will get coupon code SMS / email